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17 Mar 2016

Download Heat Transfer by Yunus A. Cengel with solution book

All chemical Engineers out there know very well that heat transfer is one of the fundamental subjects of chemical engineering. Heat transfer is a basic science; it involves the study of thermal energy transfer. 
Deep understanding of the subject is very necessary for learning and designing the chemical processes. 
Heat Transfer book
Some very good books are available in market, one of these is “Heat Transfer:  A practical approach by Yunus A. Cengel”. Either you are preparing for your next viva in university or looking forward to evaluate the design of a industrial heat exchanger, this book is a really good source. Best thing of the book is that each chapter contains dozens of examples and unsolved problems, which you can exercise to apply the learning of the each chapter. Most of the problems are practical which helps you to understand actual industrial problems. It would be a question of every student, “do you have the solution of the problems”. So yes we have made available the solution book of all the problems. 
To download the 2nd edition of the Book and solution, click below links

“Heat Transfer: A practical Approach” book by Yunus A.Cengel

Solution book of Heat Transfer By yunus A. Cengel

Introduction of Author and Book:

Professor Yunus A. Cengel is the dean of the Mechanical Engineering Faculty in University of Yildiz (Turkey). He completed his PhD from North Carolina State University (USA) in 1984 and worked as faculty member of Nevada Reno for 18 years. He is famous for his books on Thermodynamics and heat transfer and won Wiley Distinguished Author award twice.
This Book “Heat transfer: A practical Approach” is a basic book for chemical and mechanical engineering students, and an excellent reference book for professionals. The main objectives of the book are
  • Thoroughly explain the basic principles of heat transfer.
  • To present real-world engineering applications to give a feel of engineering practice to students.
  • To develop deep understanding of the subject by emphasizing on the physical techniques.

To download Perry's Chemical Engineer's Handbook visit here

Major Areas Covered in Heat Transfer by yunus A. Cengel Book 

Some major topics covered by this book are mentioned below

Basics of Heat Transfer
Heat transfer equations
One dimensional heat conduction equation
General heat conduction equation
Steady heat conduction
Heat Conduction in Cylinders and Spheres
Heat Transfer in Common Configurations
Two-Dimensional Steady Heat Conduction
Transient Heat Conduction
Lumped System Analysis
Numerical Methods in Heat Conduction
Fundamental of Heat Convection
Classification of fluid flow
Heat Momentum transfer
External forced Convection
Drage force and heat transfer in external flow
Internal Forced Convection
General Thermal Analysis
Natural Convection
Natural Convection over Surfaces
Natural Convection from Finned Surfaces and PCBs
Natural Convection inside Enclosures
Combined Natural and Forced Convection
Boiling and Condensation
Pool Boiling
Flow Boiling
Film Condensation
Drop wise Condensation
Fundamentals of Thermal Radiation
Blackbody Radiation
Radiation Intensity
Atmospheric and Solar Radiation
Radiation Heat Transfer
Radiation Heat Transfer: Black Surfaces
Diffuse, Gray Surfaces
Radiation Shields and the Radiation Effect
Heat Exchangers
Types of Heat Exchangers
Analysis of Heat Exchangers
Selection of Heat Exchangers
Mass Transfer
Mass Diffusion
Steady Mass Diffusion through a Wall
Transient Mass Diffusion
Mass Convection
Simultaneous Heat and Mass Transfer
Cooling of Electronic Equipments
Cooling Load of Electronic Equipment
Air Cooling: Natural Convection and Radiation
Liquid Cooling
Immersion Cooling

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