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8 Mar 2016

Download Perry's Chemical Engineers Handbook

Introduction of Perry's Chemical Engineers Handbook:

Perry's Chemical Engineers Handbook aka Perry's Handbook is one of the most essential books for chemical Engineers. Its first edition was publish in 1934 and edited by John H. Perry (A PhD chemist and chemical Engineer). Till now its 8 editions has been published. Latest 8th edition was published in 2008 and edited by Robert H. Perry & Don W. Green.

This book is widely used by Chemical Engineers all over the world from universities to industry. It covers almost all aspects of chemical engineering and have lot of reference and design data. You will find almost everything you are looking for regarding Chemical Engineering. Either just simple conversions or complex design formulas and theories.
Perry's chemical Engineers handbook

Download Perry's Handbook 7th Edition:

To download 7th edition of Perry's Handbook Click below link

MediaFire link:   Download Perry's Handbook (7th Edition)

Major areas covered in book:

It is a huge book with more than 2600 pages. Brief detail of major areas covered in Perry's Chemical Engineers Handbook 7th edition are given below to illustrate the scope of the book

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Conversion /factors and mathematical Symbols
Physical & Chemical Data
Heat transfer
Mass transfer
Fluid dynamics
Particle Dynamics
Reaction Kinetics
Large scale operations
Process Control
Digital technology for process control
Process Economics &cost index
Transport & storage of fluids
Process plant piping
TEMA style shell and tube heat exchangers
Heat-Transfer Equipment
TEMA style shell and tube heat exchangers
Compact and tubular heat Exchangers
Evaporative Cooling
Solids Drying Equipment
Distillation (batch & Dynamic)
Gas Absorption
Packed Tower Design
Gas-Liquid System Design
Phase Separation
Liquid-Liquid Extraction Operations
Liquid-Liquid Extraction Equipment
Ion Exchange
Gas-Solid Operations
Liquid-Solid Operations (leaching, Centrifuges and Filtration)
Solid-Solid Operations and Equipment
Crushing and grinding
Size enlargement & coagulation
Conveying of Bulk Solids
Weighing and Packaging of Solids
crystallization & biochemical separation
Chemical Reactors
Biochemical Engineering
Waste Management
Air pollution management
Process Safety
Safety devices
Energy Resources (fuel), Conversion and Utilization
Materials of Construction
Corrosion and its control

Process Machinery Drives
steam and gas turbines
Plant Performance Analysis