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28 Feb 2016

Five amazing liquid CO2 uses in our lives which were unknown to us

Liquid CO2

    Anyone with basic science knowledge is well aware of Carbon dioxide (CO2). Animals and plants exhale CO2 in gaseous form during respiration process and plants uses CO2 from atmosphere to produce food during photosynthesis process. It is a greenhouse gas and due to its excessive production from industry and automobiles, it is always thought to be dangerous and harmful to humans. It can be easily liquefied by established industrial methods and there are some amazing daily uses of liquid CO2 while many of us are unaware of these. First of all I will briefly describe CO2 properties and production method.

liquid CO2 storage

22 Feb 2016

Introduction of chemical engineering

What is engineering?

Every day we hear the term of Engineering. So what actually is engineering?
Word engineering is derived from” inginaire” means “to device
Engineering is basically the systematic application of design approaches, manufacturing techniques, Mathematics, knowledge of fundamental sciences and economy to operate or construct the machines, processes or systems in order to produce or improve the desire results, all with the safety of life, machine and property
chemical Engineering history